Cincinnati Water Works:

If Ohio is the place you’re planning to move to, then don’t your worry about your water supply. The Greater Cincinnati water works have got that all covered for you! Providing the best quality water to 235,000 accounts, the greater Cincinnati water works is one of the leading companies of water supply. Being municipally owned, it aims to provide its customers with an abundant supply of water having the greatest of quality. Managing the supply of 48 billion gallons per year and maintaining the highest quality standards, GCWW strives to serve its customers in the best possible way.

    Service Area:

The Greater Cincinnati Water Works serves the entire city of Cincinnati, parts of Hamilton, Warren and Butler Counties of Ohio.

Water Sources:

There are two main sources from which the GCWW extracts its waters and supplies it to its customers. These sources are The Miller Treatment Plant, supplying 88% of drinking water to the GCWW’s customers, and The Bolton Treatment Plant, extracting water from the Great Miami Aquifer, making up to 12% of the total water supply.

Resource Protection:

The protection of both these resources is highly maintained to ensure the quality of the water. Using different techniques to monitor the water resources, the GCWW keeps its water free from contamination and rid of pollution. For instance, the GAC (granular activated carbon), one of the leading technology used to fight off the chemical spills in rivers, is now being used by GCWW to maintain the quality standards. Furthermore, to remove the aquifer’s vulnerability towards contamination, the GCWW has designed one of the best water protection program.

Quality Standards:

Treating about 132 gallons of water per day, GCWW conducts 600 tests daily to ensure the best water quality for its customers. Moreover, these quality reports are published annually complying with the US Standards of Consumer Confidence Reports.

Water Treatment:

The water supplied by GCWW is treated and tested 600 times, using the latest techniques and methods to ensure the excellent quality of water, free from any sort of contamination and pollutant substances. The GAC treatment is one example of the latest technology used by GWCC to fight off spills in the Ohio river. Using these methods, the water quality of GWCC is recognized nationally.

The Health of Water:

You might have heard how drinking eight cups of water would boost your health. But the health or the state of that water matters a lot. GCWW’s tap water helps you maintain your health because it consists of the right amount of sodium. There is 1% of sodium value in the water of Greater Cincinnati Water Works.

Irrigation System:

GCWW, other than providing quality water to its customers, also provides a safe irrigation system for them such as installing in-ground lawn sprinklers and adding value to the properties of its customers.

Billing System:

Other than the above-mentioned services, the billing system of GCWW is quite accommodating for its customers. The easy to read the bill and the simple 10-digit account number are one of the leading features in this billing system which add customer care value.