Chuck HIldebrant Wireless Internet Career

Chuck Hildebrant Cincinnati, Ohio

Mr. Back in 1981, Hildebrant made a career move and followed his passion for technology in the communications industry, joining the mobile sector, in what today has become the norm of wireless technology. In the years that followed, Hildebrant built several successful businesses in various business sections, and was instrumental in taking 3 firms public and has sat on boards of directors of several companies that have a Fortune 50 telecom firm, all while his company was listed among the fastest growing private businesses several years operating, where yearly revenues were in to the millions.

Hildebrant in Cincinnati

Hildebrant In addition, he has served as a trustee or board member to different church and has directed the fund-raising attempts to construct a new church in Ohio, putting new donation records in that job.

Hildebrant Has been actively involved with the fiber and wireless businesses, and functions as a consultant to a number of businesses from little to openly traded.

Chuck’s Awards

Hildebrant Has been awarded many honors over the 4 years in his career, such as Entrepreneur of the year at Cincinnati and Deal Maker of this year, but his biggest honour is being a father of two grown son’s and his 2 grandsons.

Chuck Hildebrant Baseball