What All Goes Into Standing Desk Set Up?

In many lines of work, it’s necessary to have a desk these days. A hundred years ago, many people did physical labor with their hands, and so only bosses and leaders might have had desks, as well as their secretaries.

The world has certainly changed. While physical labor is still necessary to power the economy, it doesn’t involve as many people as it used to in America. A lot of that has to do with automation, machines, and technology, but the migration of manufacturing and industry to Asia has also impacted things.

Why We Still Need Laptops and Desktops?

The explosion of computers into every home and office is a major driver in a lot of folks having office desk for home and work, as the Internet is now necessary for nearly everything. While mobile technology like tablets and smartphones are making this more portable, there is still a need for laptops and desktops.

Unfortunately, spending a lot of time at desks is linked to physical inactivity and even rising rates of obesity among American adults. This presents all kinds of health problems, and it might even shrink lifespans in some.

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Many want to do something about it, but they also recognize they can’t give up lots of time at their desks, so they’re turning to standing desks so they can work but stay on their feet and active. Some even go so far as to put in fitness equipment like treadmills they can use to stay active while working underneath their standing desks.

Things You Should Know About Standing Desk

A standing desk doesn’t necessarily need to take up more square footage of floor space than a sitting desk, but the set up might need more room than a conventional desk. That’s why it’s a good idea to move anything close by out of the way as much as possible before starting to do the assembly. If you’re doing this at home, dedicating an entire afternoon is usually a good idea, and keeping pets and children out of the way is also smart.

If you’re going to be doing standing desk set up at your place of employment, then check with your company first. They might not actually allow standing desks, and if you’re in a cubicle area, standing up while you work might mean you can see over the dividers, which can be awkward. If you are allowed to use one at work, by all means, enjoy it, but consider doing the set up of your standing desk on a quiet evening or weekend when you won’t be interrupted as much, if at all.